Will she?

Update: Sketches for this comic are here.

This comic features: Laura Casielles as the ketchup information service girl, Mr. Stonebraker as our protagonist, Katie Kawaii as the mysterious ex-girlfriend, Rachel as the video rental girl, and my livejournal friend Jhayne Holmes as the dancing-leaving girl. Oh, and the bandaid in the first panel is from the picture that Parche send of himself. Don’t ask. Thank you all for your interesting pictures. It was, indeed, fun. I’m feeling like posting the sketches I drew for this comic in a flickr account or something, but right now i’ts monday 3 am, so expect an edit of this post…later. I’m listening to the quiet, nice music from something called Arbol right now, and the street is absolutely silent, with all the houses and departments looking like empty 3d game stages. But I think I know where everyone has gone, and I’m gonna find out right now.