And it is done. There’s the last installment of this long comic, a small coda for 2013.  I started it as a way to give a steady form and pace to The Secret Knots but in time it displayed its own complications, a rebellious story that kept changing its course and intent along the way. I faced several things I hadn’t worked on enough at this point: relying further on dialogue, a different pace, characterization. I failed in wonderful new ways in all of these aspects. There was a lot of learning over these months, so I can only be grateful. These are mistakes you can be friend with, annoying little voices that help you move forward in the end.

I hope some of you have enjoyed at some point this quirky adventure.

The Secret Knots will continue with new, short stories this year. Thanks for reading, staying around and thanks for all your feedback!

There’s a last round of commissions I’ll be delivering over the next weeks. If you are among those who haven’t had their request fulfilled yet, I haven’t forgot about you: immense thanks for your support and patience!