boarding school-web-preview

Hello, I’m updating here the channels and social media that I’m currently using and may serve as reminders for new works, in case you are just arriving or have lost track of new Secret Knots stories.

On Instagram I post some sketches and panels from comics and some art. 

There’s a facebook page where I update whenever there’s a new comic and the occasional announcement.

I have a very active Tumblr. I post full comics and all kinds of art, along with photos of my cats. Tumblr is currently a mess and it feels like playing in the mud, which may be liberating in a way. Say Hi if you are there too, in the mud.

The Secret Knots Patreon is probably a central hub. It’s where I post progress pages, new comics and aftermath dossiers with references and extra bits about the stories. It’s where you can get your portrait done too, and not so long from now, (September-October) there will be an open call for Halloween portraits.

On twitter I’m @santapau. I keep up with some news and will probably see you if you follow. I don’t use it to say much except for posting progress drawings and new comic notifications.

Finally there’s this very page that you can follow through RSS on your feed reader of choice. I will be updating soon with the first pages of the new, medium-length comic Boarding School, when there’s a longer batch. (The beginning of this story is already available on Patreon and on Tumblr)

Juan S.

July 31, 2019