So we say farewell to these characters, at least for a while. I wrote a comic related to the “Truth fairy” in a manner of an epilogue, but it is kind of independent so I think it may wait. The next update will be the comic with your pictures and I foresee it will be something special, to say it somehow.

I ‘ve been working on the script for the next comic, making some considerations about format and narrative. With the story I’m ending now, I found myself drawing progressively longer sequences, trying to break the tale into units with a certain sense of chapters. This turned out to be very time consuming in this particular shape, besides the clunky look of these tall “pages”. It also determined the shape of the frames and its content. This two subjects, satisfactory advance of the tale and “page” format seem to show drastically different narrative approaches in many online comics with ongoing storylines. I’m now planning the story arc in a series of short, quicker updates and in this process I’ve remembered the very first comics that I read as a child, newspaper Flash Gordon strips if I recall correctly. Somehow these two or three panels strips showing the characters in constant cliffhanger managed to show me at the same time a larger and wondrous lanscape and seemed to function as little narrative bits. (Besides getting me hooked into comics forever). There’s probably many other examples of publishing formats that allow us to think outside of the box of a twenty something pages comic boook or other current conventions.