Now, my invisible friends, let’s tale a look of who’s who among The Secret Knots readers who played this time. Panel 1 (and final panels too): He’s Shane T, who sent odd pictures so he gets the fate of being our poor main character. Panel 2: David M. Panel 3: Donnaid Sidhe. Panel 4 it’s, uh, Kraig? I really like beaten-up likeness since that old Peter Murphy cover… so I wanted to keep the bruise and put it in context. Sort of. Panel 5 it’s Nausheen, who is the invisible? imaginary? girlfriend of the guy. Panel 6 it’s Moose, who also takes pictures. Panel 7 it’s Marshall B. She has these cool sunglasses though they didn’t make it to the comic. Panel 8 it’s R. Enger, who sent some Wildean poses. Panel 9 it’s Ink tea, or Gunn who has a cat or a cow or maybe both. Hey Ink!

Feel free to tell me if I messed up the names here. Of course I changed hair, clothes and even skin colors for the sake of color palettes. Palettes are first, sorry.

Also, not everyone who sent pictures got drawn in the comic, the response was a little over what could have possibly work, but this isn’t the last time I’m doing this. Thanks to everyone for their interesting photos and looks and kind words.

Now that you have brand new icons for your IM clients, go tell your friends. Or leave a comment!