I want to start a little experiment.
Often I search through flickr (or google images) for references of people and backgrounds for my drawings. (yes, I do draw backgrounds sometimes, and they usually end up as some almost imperceptible color variation behind the characters and the speech balloons)
In doing this, i’ve found great pictures and interesting people and places, and I’ve thought about contacting them to ask permission for the use of the “model” but I didn’t, out of embarrasment I guess. So my question is: are any of you, readers of The Secret Knots, interested in inspiring a character for a comic? If so, send me one or two pictures of you and keep in mind my very lax updating schedule, and the possibility of inspiring someone really different from who you really are,as I cannot give any warranties of not turning you into a pervert nun, a despotic boyfriend, a lonely stamp collector or whatever. I can’t even assure that there will be a remarkable resemblance to the picture and much less to the 3-d you. But it might be fun?
Tell me what you think, and if you send me pictures, let me know if I can name you or link to somewhere to thank you, or if you prefer anonymity.

Update: Although everyone is invited to submit his/her picture, I must tell you that I need a male model photo right now, in order to make the next comic based only on readers photos.