Hey, thanks for reading and following The Secret Knots, and welcome to all of you who came through Stumble Upon. Some of you may be wondering when there’s going to be a new comic here, so here’s the thing: lately, The Secret Knots has fallen into a mixture of involuntary hiatus and very voluntary vacations, but this is going to end soon. The involuntary hiatus part has a lot to do with the loss of my computer screen in circumstances of the earthquake that happened some weeks ago here in Chile. But new stories are coming soon, so I want to ask you for a little more patience while I work things out. If you feel like giving a helping hand with this, you can donate any amount of money using the paypal button I’ve put here at the sidebar, and download a Secret Knots wallpaper for your desktop. I’m very grateful for the support I’ve already received and also for the comments and messages from people who are still discovering this comic. I’ll be notifying about updates through the usual means: rss feed, twitter and livejournal.

Bonus news: this is me answering the questionnaire devised by Paul Grimsley for his site In To Views.